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Being in Business for yourself is both rewarding and challenging we know this as business owners ourselves. Having a broker help manage your Insurance needs gives you someone in your corner to help out at claim time. Instead of you alone having to deal with the Insurance company we are there to help with any paperwork or questions that come up. We help make sure your claim is processed as quickly as possible and paid out on time.
We offer a Insurance review free of charge where one of our brokers can come out and meet with you get to understand you and your business and then propose an affordable way to get the Insurance cover you need.
We can Insure just about anything but below is a list of the most common policies people in business take out:

Shareholder Buyout

Losing a shareholder or business partner

The loss of a shareholding director or business partner can have a dramatic impact on a business. Would your business survive if one of the owners were to die prematurely, suffer a critical illness or become permanently disabled? Who would take their place not only in performing their day-to-day role, but also in deciding how your business is run?

 Appropriate shareholder protection, coupled with a suitable agreement such as a buy-sell agreement, ensures your business can continue should one of your business partners become seriously ill, injured or even die.

Key Person and Revenue Cover

If something happened to a key person, what would happen to your business?

When you’ve worked closely with someone for many years building a business, it’s easy to take for granted the essential and valuable part they play and to assume they’ll always be there. However, sometimes the unthinkable can happen without warning.

 Appropriate protection guards your business against the loss of a key person and the revenue they generate. Most businesses rely on key people, without whom the business would struggle or even have to close.

Business Debt Cover

Have you considered your ability to pay back debt if something happened to a shareholder?

If you, your business partner or a key person were to become ill, be injured or die, could your business continue? What would become of the assets associated with any loans taken out to support the business?

 Appropriate business debt protection helps guard your business assets should you be unable to service a loan. Often the ability to borrow is dependent on the income generated by a key person. If that person were to die or become seriously ill or injured, insurance could help you meet your repayments.

Building Insurance

What will it really cost to replace your building in the event of loss from a fire or tornado?

Business Interruption Cover

You need to consider how long it would take to restore your business operations in the event of a fire.

Commercial Motor Vehicle Insurance

If your business vehicle is damaged, will you be able to continue your work?

Health Insurance

You may decide to offer group health insurance to employees.

Liability Insurance

Depending on your type of business, you may need to take out general, public, professional or employee liability insurance.

Property Insurance

Property insurance may be one of the most important types of insurance in terms of financially protecting the property and physical assets of your business.

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